Where and what is Denton Station?

Denton Station has become famous for its least frequent train service in the UK- the ‘ghost train’- in one direction, once per week only.

Denton Station, Manchester, UK is accessed via Manchester Rd. (A57) just off Denton Roundabout in the direction of Denton town centre. The Station is a 2 minute walk from  Sainsbury’s Denton and can be reached by walking under the motorway bridge opposite Sainsbury’s petrol station.

Panorama Denton Station Platform

Denton Station was opened in October 1882- this almost forty years after the tracks through Denton were first built in 1845. The Station came both as a response to Denton’s booming population and their demand to explore Britain by train as well as the need to transport large quantities of manufactured goods around the country. Many thousands of passengers used Denton to travel to Blackpool, Scarborough and a 16 times daily service to London Euston!

1916 map of Denton Station and goods yard (now Sainsbury’s Denton) Credit: Ian Hudson

By 1916 there were four tracks running through Denton Station owned by the London & North Western Railway Company- Denton Station even had a goods yard and signal box.

However, the development of Denton Roundabout and the M60 in the years after 1970 shifted focus away from the Station, making the platform difficult to access, obscured from view and the resulting drop in passenger numbers was used to justify government and private operators’ decisions drastically cut services. In the early 1990s, Sainsbury’s Denton tarmaced over the old goods yard and two of the four lines were torn up leaving the station with the current ‘ghost train’ to Stalybridge.

 Who are the Friends of Denton Station?

The Friends of Denton Station was founded in 2010 with the overall aim of campaigning for and supporting the reinstatement of a frequent passenger service through Denton into Manchester Victoria, maintaining and improving the platforms and to encourage its use by as many different people as possible.

In just four years, the group has gained many hundreds of members, thousands of signatures petitioning for a new service and secured tens of thousands of pounds in station improvements.

See other pages of this site for more about the Friends of Denton Station, the committeethe Station, our latest newsphotos and how to become a member and sign our petition.

Recent Posts

Manchester Chamber of Commerce supporting Denton

FRANCHISE UPDATE- Today we received a copy of a letter sent by the Chairman of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce to the Department for Transport putting forward their recommendations for the new franchise. Click here for the letter: Northern TPE Franchise consultation. In particular we were very pleased to see the group specifically supporting Denton and Reddish South Stations. In the letter it states

  • There are also aspirations from local businesses in Stockport and Tameside for a new service from Stockport to Manchester Victoria via Denton and Reddish South stations. Whilst Denton and Reddish are currently lightly used, there is considerable investment being attracted to the eastern side of the city, creating jobs that need to be accessed so we would be keen to see if a business case could be built whilst the largest scale re-mapping of services in living memory is underway.

It is so pleasing to see our campaigns being recognised by leading business groups and we thank them for taking up the cause as well as MP Andrew Gwynne.

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